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2010-2011 30th Anniversary Season

Our 30th Anniversary Season will celebrate the passionate commitment we have to presenting provocative stories told by renowned playwrights, breathtaking designs created by artists at the top of their game and riveting performances from award-winning actors.

A Moving and Melodic Drama

"Reaches into the soul of a nation and pulls at the heart and mind ... involving and emotionally charged ..."

Herald Tribune


“A wonderful jewel box of a show … unfolds and blooms …”

Metro Weekly

Black Pearl Sings!
September 2 - September 26, 2010
by Frank Higgins
directed by Rick Lombardo

Can music transform pain into beauty and unite two strangers? Susannah is about to find out in her quest to find authentic, pre-slavery, African-American music. When she encounters Texas prisoner Pearl Johnson, an unlikely partnership develops and it isn’t long before Pearl is belting out radiant, soul-baring songs with the strength and beauty of the unaccompanied human voice. [Learn More...]


Biomedical Thriller

"... very entertaining ... sparkling dialogue ... dazzling ..."

NY Times


“... fast-paced, entertaining psychological drama …”

Curtain Up

Secret Order
October 14 - November 7, 2010
by Robert Clyman
directed by Chris Smith

Corporate greed and the politics of science collide in this biomedical thriller. When a cancer researcher is thrust into the high stakes world of science, he quickly discovers that he is in over his head when he and a young student researcher get swept up in the dangerous world of political maneuvering, corporate loyalty and scientific ethics. [Learn More...]


An Enchanting, New Musical

 “An enchanted evening … the melody is flowing and the tap shoes are chattering away, all is nirvana.”

Florida Sun-Sentinel

“ ... High Heels dances to the top! … undeniably captivating …”

Palm Beach Daily News

Backwards in High Heels The Ginger Musical
November 24 - December 19, 2010
conceived & developed by Lynnette Barkley & Christopher McGovern
book/original songs/arrangements by Christopher McGovern
directed by Scott Schwartz

The remarkable life of legendary actress Ginger Rogers comes to life onstage! This intimate musical chronicles her journey from hometown to Hollywood and from one love affair to another. Ginger defied her overly-protective mother to become one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Backwards In High Heels is a toe-tapping account of her ambitious public and private life. [Learn More...]

A Love Letter to Theatre


“... devilishly entertaining ... a moving, platonic love story … ”

NY Times

“... sparking with theatrical wit ...”

Talkin’ Broadway

The Dresser
January 27 – February 20, 2011
by Ronald Harwood
directed by Rick Lombardo
starring James Carpenter as Norman and Ken Ruta as Sir

It’s 1942 in Britain. The sirens howl, signaling another air raid, but inside the crumbling walls of a regional theatre the aging actor, Sir, prepares to give his 227th performance as King Lear. Norman, Sir’s devoted dresser, is barely able to take care of himself but faithfully assists Sir, massaging his ego and pampering his intellect. This touching and poignant tribute to theatre and the human spirit in the face of great strife proves that “the show must go on.” [Learn More...]


A Smart and Touching Comedy


“ … an entertaining new comedy …”



“… a work with its heart in the right place …”

The Washington Post

American Theatre Critics Association “Best New Play” 2010
Legacy of Light
March 24 – April 17, 2011
by Karen Zacarias
directed by Kirsten Brandt

Two brilliant women, centuries apart, push the boundaries of science while grappling with motherhood. Physicist Émilie du Châtelet worries about her fate after she unexpectedly becomes pregnant. Driven by fear and ambition, she races to publish her theories based on Sir Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion. And Olivia, an astrophysicist who cannot conceive and so turns her attention to a planet she’s discovered. This touching and whimsical tale leaves us asking: Does the birth of a child ultimately mean as much to the world as the birth of an idea? [Learn More...]


A Sophisticated, Romantic Comedy


“ … undoubtedly Philip Kan Gotanda is the chronicler of the Japanese American experience.”

Asian Weekly


Recipient of an" Edgerton Foundation New American Plays" Award

Love in American Times
May 12 – June 5, 2011
by Philip Kan Gotanda
directed by Rick Lombardo

Sparks aren’t the only things flying in this smart, sophisticated, romantic comedy. The tradition of matchmaking takes a contemporary twist when powerful businessman, Jack Heller, meets the accomplished and extremely attractive Scarlett Mori-Yang in a pre-arranged meeting. With a pre-nuptial that looks more like articles of incorporation, the deal is sealed. But it isn’t long before dysfunctional chaos breaks out when Jack’s family and soon to be ex-wife enter the picture. [Learn More...]


International Men of Hilarity


“ As close to a sure thing as can be found onstage, 100 minutes of cleverness and comedy ...”

Gene Shalit


4PLAY starring The Flying Karamazov Brothers
November 10 - 14, 2010
written and directed by Paul Magid

This ground-breaking blend of nouveau cirque, comedy, theatre, music, and, of course, juggling is nothing short of genius from The Flying Karamazov Brothers. Best known for bringing together the world of performance art, improvisation, word play, harmony and emotion for a stupendously entertaining evening like you've never experienced. [Learn More...]