San Jose Repertory Theatre

San Jose Repertory Theatre

101 Paseo de San Antonio


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Donation Wish List

San Jose Rep is in need of the following items which will help strengthen its infrastructure and offset budget costs to our various departments. If you have any of the following items or are willing to donate something below, please contact our Development department by email, or call 408.367.7293. We will gladly provide you with a tax deductible acknowledgement letter.

  • Cargo Van (or "box van") for Properties Dept.
  • (2) Flat screen TVs 40" or greater
  • Freezer for concessions that opens from the top like an ice box
  • Kindles for reading manuscripts
  • Rechargeable batteries for flashlights (AA) and a recharger
  • Small and compact video projector
  • Stakebed Truck
  • Tall matching chairs for wine bar